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Have you created an exceptional music video or piece fo music?

CineMusic is a Monthly Contest created by Madil Hardis and Cine Circle with the aim to give composers and musicians an opportunity to showcase their work and win a variety of prizes.


Madil Hardis is a German musician and filmmaker with a classical music education at University of Music and Performing Arts Munich and over 15 years of stage and studio experience. She is proficient in many musical genres from Classical to Jazz to Metal to Ambient and found a passion in playlist curation and showcasing new talent in the industry.


Over the last three years Cine Circle has run 50+ live and online events including film festivals, pitching competitions, filmmakers fairs, workshops and networking events. 


They plan to use their combined expertise, online audience and influence to promote the winning musicians and composers as much as possible. The winning songs and video will be showcased to a combined 50k+ Social Media Followers and 8.6k Spotify Followers.

Making Music
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The main aim of the contest is to help promote incredible musicians, filmmakers and artists through our social media and extensive online network.

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- CineMusic Contest Official Laurel
- Promotion on our social media channels
- 1 year free access to all our live and online events (£400 Value)

Runner up:
- CineMusic Contest Official Laurels
- Promotion on our social media channels