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Producer Development Programme

We help short film producers develop, fund and distribute their films

We help indie filmmakers bring their projects to life

Cine Circle will be supporting indie film productions with £250,000 worth of funding, film equipment hire, targeted mentorship and marketing support.

Who Can Apply?

We are welcoming for a variety of indie productions to apply including short films, web series and low budget features of all genres. Our only requirements are that the film productions are based in the UK and have budgets under 500k.

Our Support

What are our requirements?

Our sponsorship terms will vary from production to production but here is a rough idea of our expectations. Cine Circle should be listed in the film's credits and IMDb and you and your team will help to support the Cine Circle community - this could include speaking about your filmmaking experience at our online or in person events or promoting the job opportunites that your film creates to our members.

Application Form

Sponsorship Application

Tell us a little more about your project to apply for the Cine Circle sponsorship.

Upload any relevant files including pitch decks or treatments:

Upload File
Upload File

Thank you for submitting your application.

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