Are you looking to crowdfund your next film project in 2021?

At the Global Film Crowdfunding Summit a panel of experts will discuss the most successful and up to date film crowdfunding strategies to raise 10k+ on your campaign.

It's not easy... if you've ever tried crowdfunding you know. Where do you find hundreds of backers and thousands of pounds from? Who would give money to your campaign except for maybe immediate friends and family? What steps do you need to take to make the campaign A SUCCESS?

All of this will be covered during this online event which will include a webinar, speaker panel and networking session!

The event is suitable for anyone who is considering launching a campaign, in the middle of a campaign that's not going as planned, or simply for people who want to learn more about the process.

Meet The Speakers

PETER J. STOREY is a producer, creative entrepreneur & founder of Greenlit, the crowdfunding platform dedicated to film. Peter began his career on sets as a gaffer, working up from student films to Hollywood blockbusters. He then took an MBA from the Cass Business School before working in film finance, overseeing tens of millions of Euros’ worth of international co-productions. His passion for film and filmmakers has led him to build a local challenger to Kickstarter & Indiegogo, aimed at empowering producers in funding their projects & finding their audience. He also teaches crowdfunding & film finance at universities & film schools across the country.

ZB SIWEK is a film producer and the founder of Cine Circle and Thunderhawk Pictures. He has personally raised over £50,000 for his own crowdfunding campaign including "The Power of One Coin" which has won multiple festival awards and "The Verge". He currently works as a crowdfunding coach and digital marketing specialist. He also helped filmmakers raise thousands through fundraising events, and pitching competitions.

MAGDALENA HERFURTNER is a German producer and crowdfunding expert. She co-produced the multi-award-winning short film “The Power of One Coin" after raising £30k on Kickstarter and went on to manage multiple other crowdfunding campaigns. She currently coaches and advises on countless crowdfunding campaigns raising funds on Greenlit.

Event Testimonials

'I was unsure about crowdfunding my next short documentary but the webinar filled me with ideas and knowledge to move it forward with confidence.'

'I liked the balance of information from a statistical platform as well as personal experience. The course didn't shy away from the difficulty of the task.'


'It was super informative, much more so than all of the crowdfunding seminars I’ve previously attended at film festivals...'

'Highly informative, very thorough, and ultimately - extremely useful. ZB presents with simplicity and clarity and is easy to follow, both in his speech and slides.'