When Should You Launch Your Film Crowdfunding Campaign?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

We see a lot of campaign fail due to bad timing. Some because they launch at a bad time of the year or even a wrong day of the week. Others fail because they launch when they aren't ready. So when is the optimal to launch your film crowdfunding campaign?

What Time of Year Should You Launch?

When planning your launch date you want to keep in mind certain periods of the year to avoid. You certainly do not want to crowdfund between mid November and early February. Towards the end of the year people tend to be preoccupied with Christmas, buying presents and travelling. In January on the other hand people are out of money from Christmas and pre-occupied with their own New Years resolutions. July and August also tend to be quiet months as people are away on holidays, spending a lot of time outside and less in front of their computers where they can support your campaign.

What Week Should You launch?

Take a look at bank holidays, major events and other things that might overshadow your campaign. For example if you launch your campaign near a US presidential election, 9/11 anniversary, start of a world war anniversary etc. everyone's social media feeds will be flooded with news that will cover your campaign promotion.

What Day Should You Launch?

Weekends along with Mondays are considered the worst days for launching crowdfunding campaigns. You therefore want to launch on a Tuesday at 11am so that you have a strong first 4 days before you hit the first weekend when most likely the number of daily backers will drop.

Don't Launch until YOU are ready!

You don't want to press launch too early; before you start crowdfunding you need to have an audience of potential backers and a team that will help you promote your page. Take a look at our pre-launch checklist to see if you're ready!

Don't Launch Too Late

Finally you also don't want to crowdfund too late and too close to your shoot dates. Your campaign is going take a lot of time and effort so you don't want to be planning your shoot at the same time. You also want to keep in mind that from the day your campaign ends it will take another 2 weeks before you receive the funds.


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