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Have you already launched your campaign but it's not going to plan? Don't worry you're not the first person to run into some difficulties during your campaign! The good new is: there are plenty of options.


During this hyper-focused call we will:

  • Analyse your campaign stats to identify exactly what the issue is. Is it the campaign page? Video? is it your marketing? etc.
  • Once we've identified the problem we'll then provide actionable advice to make sure you walk out with a clear path forward. This could include advice on:
  • How to optimise your crowdfunding video, page or perks.
  • How to massively improve your conversion from the people you contact to the amount of backers you get
  • How to fully utlise the contacts and resources you already have
  • How to run offers and special online events to create an urgency for people to back right away
  • We'll also let you know how we raise 15k which was 50% of our target in the final 5 days of our campaign.


After this sessions you'll have all the tools and knowledge necessary to lead your campaign to success.



ZB SIWEK the founder of Cine Circle. He has personally raised over £50,000 for his own crowdfunding campaigns including "The Power of One Coin" which won multiple international festival awards and received countless nominations as well as the action sci-fi short film "The Verge". He currently works as a crowdfunding coach and digital marketing specialist. He also helped filmmakers raise thousands through fundraising events, and pitching competitions.



'I was unsure about crowdfunding my next short documentary but the webinar filled me with ideas and knowledge to move it forward with confidence.'

'I liked the balance of information from a statistical platform as well as personal experience. The course didn't shy away from the difficulty of the task.'

'It was super informative, much more so than all of the crowdfunding seminars I’ve previously attended at film festivals...'

'Highly informative, very thorough, and ultimately - extremely useful. ZB presents with simplicity and clarity and is easy to follow, both in his speech and slides.'

Film Crowdfunding Mid-Campaign Consultation

  • After you complete a purchase we will get in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time for your consultation.

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