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CineCircle PRO

Film Crowdfunding Campaign Analysis


Page Analysis Firstly we'll review in detail their crowdfunding page, analyse their main video, project description, and page setup. We'll look through their rewards and discuss which ones were the most popular ones and why. Along the way we'll give you tips and trick on how you can optimise your own film crowdfunding page to convert as much visitors into backers and supporters. Marketing Analysis We'll then analyse their marketing strategy - arguably the most import aspect of any campaign's success. We'll look through their social media pages and analyse their posting strategy and quality of their engagement. We'll also research any journalists, bloggers and influencers who helped promote their campaign. This will not only show you what worked for them but also give you a list of potential influencers to reach out to for your own campaign. We'll also look to see if the project creators used any paid advertising and if so take a look at how their ads were set up and how well they performed. This Week's Campaign This week we will be analysing Assassin with Son, a stop motion samurai film about fatherhood which raised over 30k. The campaign will end just days before the start of the masterclass to ensure the strategies will be completely up to date!



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