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Learn the business side of filmmaking

Unlimited access to 60+ hours of in-depth classes and hyper-focused talks.

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We run regular contests, competitions and raffles included with the membership where our community can win a variety of filmmaking prizes including subscriptions to various platforms and more!


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Learn film

Development - Private Investors 
Pre-sales - Debt financing
Grants & Funds - Crowdfunding
Short Film Financing


Learn film

Creating a Marketable Film Marketing - Self-distribution Film Festival Strategies - Film PR
Paid advertising



Learn film


Client Acquisition - Personal Brand 
Finding Your First Runner Job
Staying Confident - Finding an Agent

  • What is Cine Circle Pro?
    Cine Circle Pro is a platform for filmmakers who want to explore, develop and learn the business side of filmmaking. LEARNING It includes an educational streaming platform with classes & courses teaching: Building a career in the film & TV industry Film funding & financing Film sales, distribution & marketing The lessons are taught by a range of experts including experienced producers, marketing & PR consultants, distributors, media career coaches and more. FUNDING We provide £15,000-25,000 in film funding to our members every 3 months along with additional film equipment hire and mentoring support. Each Premium member gets 1 application every 3 months. OPPORTUNITIES We also have a page where we provide discounts from our partners and organisations. All in all this is a platform fully committed to helping filmmakers bring their films and filmmaking careers to life.
  • How do I cancel?
    Head over to your profile Click on 'My subscriptions' There you will be able to cancel the subscription at any time
  • What is included in a Cine Circle PRO subscription?
    Access an ever-growing library of talks, courses, and seminars with our Premium membership, featuring new monthly videos covering various aspects of filmmaking. Enjoy exclusive partner discounts as a member. Premium members get free access to online events and a 25% discount on in-person events. Upgrade to Platinum for free access to both online and in-person events. Premium members can apply for our film fund every three months, while Platinum members can apply monthly. Take advantage of these opportunities to support your filmmaking aspirations.

Learn the business of filmmaking

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