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How To Successfully Crowdfund For Filmmakers (Without Destroying Your Reputation)


Crowdfunding was once a novel and unconventional approach for raising extra funds to complete a film project. But today, some filmmakers have managed to raise their entire budgets from the donations of ordinary people, by building a passionate fanbase and engaging communities. Join us for an interactive session with crowdfunding expert Justin Giddings ( who will offer some real-world tips to help you achieve your crowdfunding goals. Topics covered will include the Power of A Story-Based Crowdfunding Approach, The Simple Math Of A Successful Campaign, and the The 4-Letter Word That Will Protect, Enrich, and Expand Your Network. About the speaker Justin Giddings is an award-winning actor and filmmaker who found creative freedom in crowdfunding. After becoming the “go-to guy” for crowdfunding advice, Justin combined his background in marketing with his experience in crowdfunding and launched To date, he has coached over 325 filmmakers, raised $11 million, and has a success rate of 97%. An official Kickstarter Expert, Forbes Business Coach, and Seed&Spark's go-to coach. Past Clients / Projects have included William Shatner, David Lynch, and Morena Baccarin



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