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Film Crowdfunding - Advanced Course


CAMPAIGN PREP & HOW TO GROW YOUR AUDIENCE Did you know that picking the right crowdfunding platform or campaign launch date can have a massive impact on your outcome? We'll start off with the basics of exactly where and when to crowdfund. I will then introduce you to one of the main strategies that will allow you to raise over £10-50k for your film without any marketing experience and without spending a penny in advertising. Next I will walk you through EXACTLY how to gather an audience of people interested in your campaign before you even launch. If you do not have thousands of people who know about your film project and tens or hundreds of people who are ready to put money into it you should not be launching your campaign - I will show you the practical steps you need to take to achieve that. This will include gathering email address, growing and engaging with your social media following as well as tapping into pre-existing communities and fanbases. OUTREACH & CAMPAIGN No matter how good your marketing is, your effort will be wasted, if you do not have an incredible page with some very specific elements that encourage people to donate. The first element of this lesson will be to create a gripping and highly converting crowdfunding page no matter which platform you choose. When you're ready to press launch... I will teach you how to use your following and contacts and turn them into backers. I'll show you how to ensure you reach 30% of your goal in the first 48-72 hours.



4 Plans Available, From £17.00/month


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