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Finding Work on Large Productions without an Agent


In this talk Aynoa will discuss how she found her first few jobs on productions such as Barbie and Napoleon without without an agent. She will also outline how to make the most of your first time on set, how to network to find more work and how to use diary services efficiently. If you're looking for that first big job then this is the talk for you. Aynoa Alvarez-Wautiez is an Assistant Director who currently works as a 3rd AD in Feature Films and High End TV. Aynoa moved to London over 7 years ago from the rural South West of France to pursue her passion. After working in music, film financing and production on commercials, Aynoa then focused her attention towards being an AD in long form drama. Aynoa has now worked on a multitude of projects that includes major works such as Ridley Scotts “Napoleon” and Greta Gerwigs “Barbie” as well as high end TV programs Atlanta & The Acolyte.



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