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Profitable Online Film Self-Distribution


Which Distribution Platforms Should You Use? We'll talk through the biggest platforms and the pros and cons of those. we'll also discuss platforms you might never have heard of and touch upon how many platforms you should release your film on. Should You Work With Aggregators or Online Distributors Such as Film Hub? We'll demystify the process of working with aggregators and distributors including what fees and what kind of service you should expect. We'll also discuss which ones you should go for and which ones to stay away from. Is Amazon Prime Still a Good Route For Indie Filmmakers? Amazon has been decreasing their rates for indie filmmakers, purging titles from the platform and starting to develop a bad name in the indie film community. But is it still a good option? We'll discuss what you can really expect when you add your film to Amazon. How Should You Prepare For Your Online Release? We'll talk through some key steps to consider before you release your film for the world to see (or buy). What Are The Best PR Strategies To Help You Get Your Film Seen? Should you work with an agency or do your own PR? How important are reviews? Should you focus on reaching out to smaller bloggers? If so how? We'll answer all these questions. How Can You Promote Your Film Once It's Available Online? Bloggers? Facebook Groups? Reddit? Youtube Channels? How do I get more people to see my film? We'll discuss all the key strategies!



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