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Using Proof of Concept Shorts to Fund Features


In this talk we'll discuss how to use what you've made to your advantage. We'll discuss how Jed used proof of concept shorts to prove to investors that the feature will be a success. We'll discuss what elements a short needs to have in order to be successful at driving further funding, as well as how to use the proof of concept when pitching to potential investors. About Jed Shepherd: Jed is a filmmaker and die-hard horror fan. Jed is currently enjoying success with "The Scariest Movie of the Decade", HOST which he wrote and executive produced. He also wrote and exec produced DASHCAM for Blumhouse and has upcoming films with Sam Raimi and StudioCanal. The live-action real-time horror video game GHOSTS that Jed wrote and directed is coming out in 2023, where he is working with Jim Henson’s Creature Workshop and viral monster illustrator Trevor Henderson. The game is being distributed on all formats by Limited Run Games.



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