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How Do I Get My Film Distributed?

To this day the best way to distribute a film is through a traditional distributor. They will be able to put together a full release and marketing strategy and give you the best chance of your film being a success.

Working with Distributors

Distributors will help you distribute your film both online and offline from start to finish. They will usually help put together your whole marketing strategy and marketing assets. They will help you decide where you should release your films and whether a cinema release, straight to DVD or straight online kind of release will be the best route for you. Although distributors are usually your best bet at having a successful release be careful when signing any contracts and agreements. They can also be quite sneaky and lock you in to contracts that you will regret. Make sure you have an experienced producer take a look at any agreement before you sign.

Where Can you Find Distribution Deals?

Film Markets & Festivals can be a great place to find Distributors. Research film festival and markets that Distributors attend and make an appearance. With most of these events you will be able to schedule meeting with distributors and sales agents beforehand.

Online Research - There are plenty of resources online with lists of distributors in your country. Take a look at which ones specialising in your kind of film and get in touch! We always recommend emailing first and then following up with a phone call 1-2 days later.

Networking - Come along to some networking events which are a great place to find people working in film distribution. If you are based in London then take a look at some upcoming Cine Circle events which might be useful.

Self Distribution

A lot of filmmaker are now choosing to self-distribute their films which, although very difficult, can certainly be profitable if you do it right! Take a look at this blog on How To Self-Distribute a Feature Film.

We hope that you enjoyed this blog and found it useful. Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions - we'd love to hear from you!

If you are looking for my guidance and advice on film distribution and funding we have a series of courses on funding and distributing your film online which you can browse using the links below:

Feature Film Funding & Distribution Course - 14+ hour of video tutorials will guide you through the entire process of funding and distributing your film. It will go through a variety of methods and strategies including crowdfunding, private investors, product placement, online distribution, cinema released and much much more!

Feature Film Producing Course - 4+ hours of video tutorials teaching you how to fund and distribute a feature film with a budget between 50-500k.

Film Crowdfunding Course - 4+ hour of video tutorial teaching you how to prepare for, launch and market a film crowdfunding campaign.

Online Film Distribution Course - 4+ hours of video tutorials teaching you how to self-distribute a feature film online.

Finally you can also take a look at our upcoming online and in-person London-based events here.


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