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Creating Your Own Work


In this talk Clementine will touch upon the reasons to make your own work as an actor and how to find rather than wait for a 'big break'. We'll also discuss how to find joy in our art amidst the pressures of our industry and how to build a mindset of confidence and abundance rather than scarcity . About Clementine Pinet: Clementine is an actor who has dipped her toes into multiple other facets of the industry. From writing her short film Making Men Cry - currently in pre-production with Candid Broads Productions - to producing and starring in a revival of Uncle Vanya in 2022 and launching the successful self-tape coaching business TLC Tapes, Clementine has not waited to be 'seen' but rather created her own opportunities for it. She believes in finding ways to express your creativity and step up your skills in order to not only find fulfilment in your art right now but to build your career for the future.



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