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Indie Film Funding with Sienna Beckman


In this talk with Sienna Beckman we'll discuss best practices and up to date strategies to developing and funding your indie short or feature film. This will be an interactive talk throughout which you will be able to ask questions and network with other attendees. Topics will include: Which funding route is for me? What are the different avenues for funding films and which should you use when? Crowdfunding - How can crowdfunding be used and leveraged to fund the development and production of your films? We'll also discuss the added benefits of crowdfunding outside of raising money such as building an audience for your film. Private Investors - How can you get private investors on board for the development funding of your feature film? Creating a Development Slate - How to create a development slate for an indie company that will increase your chance of getting your films funded. Optioning Intellectual Property - Can optioning intellectual property such as novels, autobiographies, and life rights help get your projects funded and how to go about it. Leveraging Past Projects - How do you leverage your past projects to fund new ones? Finally we'll discuss the current landscape of film funding when it comes to female filmmakers. What are the obstacles and how do you overcome them?



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