Film Crowdfunding Pre-Launch Checklist

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Before you press launch you want to make sure you're really ready. This Checklist will help ensure that you're set up for success!

Do you have enough core team members?

Core team members are people who will help you promote the campaign. On average a core team member will raise around £2,000 each. This means if your target is 10k you should have around 5 core team members. This is a rough estimate so talk to each team member and try to get a rough estimate of how much they might be able to raise.

Do you have an engaged social media audience?

The key is to have multiple ways to reach your audience so you should have pages or accounts on several social media platforms. It's important to take a look at the standard engagement rates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc. and make sure that yours is above that. You should work with your core team to get more engagement and more reach on your posts. Simply ask them all to like comment and share all your posts on your campaign's pages and that should do the trick!

Do you have enough backers lined up?

You want to make sure that you have backers guaranteed to back the first 10% of your goal on the first day of the campaign. On average backers for film crowdfunding campaigns will donate £50; that means if your target is 10k you want to have 1k guaranteed on your first day. This means you will need 20 backers and with 5 core team members that's 4 backers each.

Do you have enough content to release during your campaign?

I would recommend having 30 pieces of content created or scheduled for your social media pages. That will ensure you will have something interesting and engaging to post every day of your campaign even if you run out of time to create new posts.

Is your crowdfunding page setup?

Make sure you pick the right crowdfunding platform, have an engaging crowdfunding video, detailed page description and some amazing rewards lined up.

Do you have enough awareness about your campaign?

It's crucial to have people be aware about your campaign before you launch. We recommend announcing your campaign on social media and to your personal contacts about 2 weeks before you launch. That should give you enough time to gather potential backers for your first day and set you up for a great start!