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How to Make More Money as a Filmmaker

How to Make More Money as a Filmmaker

Making money as a filmmaker can be hard at times, but there are plenty of ways to create an extra income in the industry.

In this post, you’ll learn about different ways to create a steady cash flow by monetising your expertise and knowledge.

Whether you’re a director or a scriptwriter, these techniques apply to every single role within filmmaking.

Grow Your Social Media Accounts

Growing your social media accounts is the best way to monetise your products and services in the filmmaking industry.

If you grow your profiles, you will have brands reaching out to you to advertise for them.

You’ll also have people who trust you and would be willing to purchase from you.

In an age where short-form videos are taking over, you’ll probably see the most growth through using platforms like TikTok, YouTube (Shorts) and Instagram (Reels).

However, don’t count out Twitter and LinkedIn as they are great for making professional relationships within the industry.

We’d suggest that you do your own research on which social platforms are best for your personal brand/business and go from there.

Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel might possibly be the best way to make money alongside growing your social media.

Essentially, the more eyeballs on your personal brand/business, the easier it will be to monetise your products and services.

YouTube is great because not only do you get paid ad revenue on your videos, you’ll have brands reaching out to sponsor you.

Whether you want to review equipment, provide tutorials or post vlogs, it’s completely up to you.

Growing a YouTube channel does take years to do, so you have to be patient as the rewards are amazing.

Rent Out Your Equipment

Renting out your equipment can be one of the most lucrative ways to make money if you do it correctly.

Plenty of websites allow you to post your equipment for rent on there, such as Fat Llama and Wedio.

You can even take it a step further by creating your own website and making it SEO-friendly so you can be found online.

One example is Sugarland, one of London’s leading camera & lighting hire companies for over 25 years.

Their founder was a cameraman for over 10 years before he started renting out his personal equipment and grew the business from there.

Create a Digital Product

Digital products are items that are delivered online, such as courses, ebooks or even Photoshop presets.

There is a sea of opportunity out there and no matter what your skills are, there’s a digital product that you could sell.

For instance, you could be a DoP and create a course teaching everything you know to aspiring DoPs.

Consulting and Coaching

If you have expertise in a subject, why not charge people to learn from you?

Just create a link on Calendly and charge a certain amount for a 30-60 minute call.

It will also help a great deal if you have a social media presence as you’ve already gained trust with your followers.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product/service and gain a commission each time someone purchases through your link.

As with the other money-making opportunities, it’s much easier if you have an audience that you can promote the links to.

One example is when filmmakers post an Amazon link which features the equipment they use.

When someone purchases anything from Amazon for the next few days they will receive a commission if the person clicked on their link.


There are plenty of ways to make money online in the filmmaking industry, and if you’re consistent, any of these methods will work.

Creating an online presence for yourself or your business is going to make the process a lot easier as more people will know and trust you already.

If you're looking to learn more about the business of filmmaking including making more money, building your career, funding your films and distribution then grab a free trial of Cine Circle PRO - an online platform with 40+ hours of hyper-focused talks, courses and lessons.

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