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Unleash Your Creativity with Sunday Treat's Originals Project

Sunday Treat is actively seeking talented writers and directors to join its Originals Project. This groundbreaking initiative aims to bring fresh and innovative content to the forefront, and the company is on the lookout for creative minds to contribute their unique perspectives.

The London video agency promises a comprehensive support system for selected individuals, encompassing production resources, network backing, cutting-edge equipment, and an allocated budget of up to £10k. This opportunity offers a platform for creators to turn their creative visions into reality with professional assistance.

The initiative accepts submissions for comedy short scripts and treatments spanning less than three minutes. The thematic possibilities are limitless, allowing writers to explore diverse subjects. Additionally, they welcome live-action solo proposals that can stand on their own, showcasing self-contained narratives.

From down-to-earth dialogues in relatable settings to outlandish scenes that defy convention, the project embraces the full spectrum of creativity. Whether you have a fully developed script or an exceptional concept yet to be penned, the company is open to all formats of proposals, be it scripts, visual treatment decks, or concise one-pagers.

Interested parties are advised to mark their calendars for the 25th of August, the application deadline. With production scheduled in the imminent weeks, accepted applicants will soon see their artistic visions materialise into tangible creations. Moreover, contributors are given the autonomy to choose their desired roles within the project, adding an extra layer of personalisation to this collaborative endeavour.

Embracing creativity and growth

Gulliver Morre, the visionary Managing Director of Sunday Treat, stands as a firm advocate for cultivating a positive culture that nurtures growth and creative expression. This commitment to fostering a conducive business environment is deeply ingrained in Sunday Treat's ethos.

Recognising the essence of a great short film, Sunday Treat's Originals Project emphasises capturing the distinct styles and perspectives of its contributing writers and directors. It provides a secure haven for these creatives, minimising risks and maximising opportunities to showcase their exceptional skills.

However, transcending from a good short film to a truly great one involves a myriad of factors, each as diverse as the individuals watching. Among these elements, one can find the power of impactful visual storytelling, the intricacies of robust character development, and the embodiment of a concept that resonates deeply with every viewer's heart and soul.

Creating a short film is no small undertaking; it's a symphony of assembling the right talents around the right concept and fusing their commitment and time.

Gulliver, who has been directing short films since the tender age of 13, attests to this reality: "No other medium has aided in the development of my skills, network, and portfolio as profoundly as the realm of short films. At Sunday Treat, we recognise the immense potential within each creator and aim to provide a platform that nurtures not just exceptional films but also the lifelong bonds that form within a collaborative artistic journey."

Continuing the Journey: Celebrating the 11th Originals Project

While preparing for their 11th Originals Project, Sunday Treat takes a moment to reflect on their previous successes. The 10th Originals Project, cleverly named "Sliced Bread," captivated audiences with its imaginative premise and creative execution.

"Sliced Bread" offers a humorous take on an alternate reality where the revolutionary invention of sliced bread never occurred. The narrative follows the protagonist's journey as he stumbles upon this groundbreaking revelation, resulting in a world spiralling into delightful chaos.

The inspiration for "Sliced Bread" came to fruition through a collaborative exchange between Gulliver Morre and Oliver Clubb, the Creative Director at Sunday Treat. Their brainstorming sessions led to the idea of crafting a film that seamlessly weaved together various locations, actors, and cultures within a concise package.

The success of "Sliced Bread" reverberated through the film festival circuit, earning an impressive selection in 25 festivals.

For those curious about how films are made, Sunday Treat offers an exclusive behind-the-scenes video that provides a sneak peek into the intricate filmmaking process. The video shows an immersive journey into the heart of "Sliced Bread", delving into the initial storyboards, the challenges of virtual editing during lockdown, and the complexities of VFX passes.

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