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Consists of a one-hour zoom or skype consultation + full access to a 2 hour Client Acquisition Course worth £40.


During this 1 hour session Mathias will dive into exact specifics on his client acquisition system and put together a personalised strategy for your very own freelance career based on your current stage and personal goals. 

Mathias' system derives from high-end client acquisition practices and has been optimised for camera operators, directors, producers, editors, photographers, designers, animators and any kind of freelancers operating in the creative industry. He will break down and explore step-by-step the 3 business development actions at the core of this method, dive into its collateral benefits, debunk myths and refresh our mindset with the great news that we can take full control of our creative careers.

Customised tips, extra advice and tailor-made actions are going to maximise your results immediately, reduce trial & error to zero and truly thrive on your creative profession in no time.



Mathias Falcone is a film director, travel & event photographer based in London, working with agencies and institutions of international prestige. He started his career in sales and recruitment, acquiring priceless knowledge and a skillset which allowed him to later grow his creative career. His course and consultations explore the system that he has been using to win jobs and expand his client base in no time, starting from absolute scratch, and without any paid marketing or social media promotion.

Client Acquisition 1 Hour Consultation

  • After you complete a purchase we will get in touch within 24 hours to schedule a time for your consultation.

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