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50 London Showreel Companies

If you're an actor that's just beginning their career then you'll need a great showreel to find work or get a good agent. And if you don't have any film/TV credits then the best option is to get one professionally made through a showreel company. Below we have put together a list of 50+ London Showreel Companies. Each company is unique and specialises in different kinds of showreels; the prices, quality of the showreels and types of packages will vary from one company to another.

We recommend that you take a look at each company, their past work, history and credits of the directors and camera operators who will be creating the showreel. You should also take a look at external reviews of each company to understand what kind of experiences previous actors had with them. This should give you a good indication of which company you would like to work with.

Secondly you need to consider the individual packages: how many scenes will you get? How many different characters? Different locations? What camera will it be shot on? What will the length of the final showreel be? You will soon realise that there is a very big difference between different companies and their packages (and therefore also the prices).

Finally you should also consider what kind of acting jobs you would like to get in the future. You should consider if you would like to work on commercial ads, feature films or TV shows. This will dictate what kind of showreel you will want and therefore which company you should pick.

If you are interested in all film related work and not just acting you can also take a look at our list of film job sites here, London film recruitment companies here or a blog with a list of London film production companies here.

London Showreel Companies

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50+ London Showreel Companies

Facebook groups are still a great place to find work especially if you're a freelancer looking to get jobs on smaller projects. We have put together a few list of useful Facebook groups which you can check out below:

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Feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or suggestions - we'd love to hear from you!

If you are looking to find work as a freelancer in the film industry and would like some more guidance and help, then take a look at this Udemy course which goes through a detailed client acquisition strategy. The course outlines three separate strategies for finding steady work as a freelancer without using any paid advertising or social media promotion.

We also offer a series of courses on funding and distributing your film online which you can browse using the links below:

Feature Film Funding and Distribution Course - 14+ hours of video tutorials will guide you through the entire process of funding and distributing your film. It will go through a variety of methods and strategies including crowdfunding, private investors, product placement, online distribution, cinema releases and much, much more!

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Finally, you can also take a look at our upcoming online and in-person London-based events here.

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